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May 13, 2021
County Focus

Embrace technology to achieve Big Four- KALRO

Busia county residents have been urged to embrace new agricultural technologies in order to achieve President Uhuru Kenyatta’s big four agenda.

Kenya Agricultural  Livestock  Research Organization  (KALRO)  Director Dr Joyce Maling’a said  the four agenda especially  food  security and manufacturing agendas  are key in  realization of the country’s socio-economic development.

Speaking during the agricultural show organized by  Busia  county government and  stakeholders  Busia Agricultural Training Centre recently, Dr. Maling’a  said  KALRO  in partnership with the county government is keen at achieving sustainable development goals.

” We are aiming at attaining zero poverty levels amongst  county residents, thus the need  for the  new farming technology   like the aerial farming embraced in the modern green garden that cost the county government Sh 2.9m should be emulated by the farmers  to earn  income.

Busia County Executive Committee Member for Agriculture and Aninmal  Dr. Moses Osia while echoing KALRO Director’s sentiments  said the  new technology will  bring back  extinct species like the goose berry that have nutritional value and are profitable to the farmer  in just three months after planting.

Dr. Osiah said  the county government has given out 44,000  assorted  seedlings including  goose berry, jackfruits, mangoes and guavas  to farmers in the previous year, adding that they are targeting  to give out 600,000  assorted  seedlings.

” We are setting up  seedlings nurseries in all the seven sub counties  across the county. The idea is  to supply farmers with  the seedlings  to  sustain the  upcoming Juice factory at Ikapolok in Malaba.

“The seedlings are advantageous to farmers because of the nutritional value they have. They are also   profitable to farmers because of the high production yield, hence creating an income to a farmer,”  Dr. Osiah said.

He said the county government had zoned out the county for soil testing before the seedlings were given out to the farmers, adding that they have bought PH meter enabling extension officers to access the farmers and do soil testing.

” The setting up of the Alupe soil testing laboratory is a plus to the county to enable easy soil testing,” he said.


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